Saturday, March 10, 2012


okay, okay.... I've been away for a while. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much has changed that I may just have to kick down the science to y'all's in the next-to-near-future. Until then, let's do this shit instead!

Never to be outdone, I thought I'd step up the KONY 2012 a bit with a campaign of my own. I mean, let's face it; it's been the better part of a week on this old campaign and still no Kony brought to justice. We are the internet. We demand justice now (but mostly of those who don't crusade in the same way we would if we did, in fact, do any crusading ourselves). So I put together this grassroots-gr...assroots campaign... one we could ALL get behind in a global effort to make REAL change. Saving children is cool and all... but campaigning to save children is even cooler. Spread this baby like internet wildfire and see where real action can make a difference. Our difference. Plus, Kony is a bad, bad dude. Fer real. C'mon, brobro's, let's do this shit! WHERE'S KONY 2012 (p.s... my organization is broke. Please send donations. And yes, I WILL spend it on myself. I just want too make that clear before you "expose" the truth). now go.... GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! print this! post it up! Be a part of change! Stop the violence! Send cash! (this message brought to you by Thirty4Point5 and it's affiliates, associates and cronies... AKA me, myself and I)

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