Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Must Be Out Of My Mind... But I Digress...

So, dear Reader, you're probably asking yourself, 'Self, what does Peter mean when he says in that little blurb to the right, that he's a life artist?' Or you're asking yourself what the hell you accidentally clicked to get to this shitbag blog (that's how I got here). Well, let me illuminate you... in... whatever... dark space... you know... you'd... enjoy...

My hat, as it were, has officially been thrown into the Freelance Art Ring in recent times. I've abandoned the shelter of the long-term corporate asylum I had, for whatever reason, self-admitted myself to, and have settled down to whittling away my days at my studio... or reading at the beach... or riding my bike in the sun... but the point is, being a freelance artist is a lot of work... so don't try it. In fact, it's so much work, I've decided that I would fill some of my unimaginably busy schedule with a work adventure. "What," I can hear you asking, "the hell has he been smoking?" [sorry... that's not really the question we rehearsed. Can I get a line reading please? Anyone? Jesus Christ, if you're listening? Seriously, it's like I'm working with retarded kids here. Okay... here we are... work adventure, blah, blah, blah... "What," I can hear you asking aaaaand... GO!] "is a work adventure?" Allow me to... [shit... this isn't working... can we just get to the end part? Everybody good with that? fine.]

I posted this crazy ass ad on Craigslist today: HENCHMAN FOR HIRE. Twenty minutes later I received a response! I meet with the guy tomorrow to discuss the job. Now... I'm not gonna say it's Hank Scorpio [it's Hank Scorpio] or suggest that it involves World Domination of any kind. But I will tell you this... from the intel that I've gathered it could be a gig I just might enjoy... it's world domination. So let this be a lesson to you, kids: Education sucks, work sucks and experience isn't worth shit. All you need is a genuine way to communicate with people that doesn't make you seem like a hopeless retard and you're good... although, being an Evil Super-Genius with the imagination, talent, will and determination to dominate the world probably doesn't hurt. I'll let you know how it turns out!

In the meantime... here's a purty picture I'm responsible for. It's called 'How We Roll' Wanna buy it? that's how you freelance!


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