Monday, May 4, 2009

Groovy Sneak Peak!

Allllllright. Just thought I'd throw this up in this piece for some shitzingiggles. This is a first look at Jive Talkin' DJ Willie Supreme... your looooooove doctor with all the medicine you need, right here, at Thirty4Point5... except it was KLW LUV 104.5 in the script... but I can take liberties... right, copyright holder? That's right! Please don't sue me, Ira. Sometimes, when I eat shoe-polish, I get a little crazy... crazy... I sometimes get... mmmmmm, shoe-polish. Could someone please pass me the mustard?

As I was saying, this was my character in the film I worked on this past weekend. Now tell me, honestly, that's one fine moustache! Am I right? Of course I am... sometimes. Okay, never...

The filming is now complete and the post-production is underway. The story, thus far, is that it will be shown at the Anza Club here in Vancouver after it's finished... so I'll keep you posted.


p.s.... I did finally see all of Wolverine. I was going to write a complete review, but I'll just make it short and sweet: It's a movie about Wolverine. Sure it's different than the comics... but... ummm... grow up Nerdkins, the comic book isn't exactly biographical... it's a 'comic book'... it's not real... if Wolverine suddenly becomes a shrew, who cares??? Anyway... it's a comic book movie, far from the worst of them. Hugh Jackman is still Wolverine, the history is different from the comics, there's some unnecessary CG shots that the movie would have benefited without, but it was fun, the action was good, I'd see it again (and I will).

Not everybody has to be critical about everything. It's okay if some of us lighten up and find ways to enjoy whats in front of us instead of finding clever ways to complain about what's missing. Open your mind or you'll miss your life.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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