Monday, April 13, 2009

Thirty4Point5 Gets Rolling Full Steam!

I have a lot of ideas.

Did i mention I have a lot of ideas?

Well, I have a lot of ideas!

Thirty4Point5 is well on it's way to being the epicenter of anything and everything I've got crashing around between my ears. Check back often and always to see what's going on in our world and to get the latest info on what I've got in store for you!

Upcoming highlights for April include:

An in depth interview with global photographic and film making superstar, Deniz Merdanogullari, as he treats me to a sampling of his work expertise with a photo expose peeling back the layers of what makes yours truly yours truly!

A look into what makes Emily Carr Industrial Design Graduate-To-Be, Elen Danielle Sahrmann, tick... and where she plans to take her career in sustainable high fashion in our very near future.

Interview with DIY recording phenom, Jonah McGarva and the progressive-ambient group Anomaly.

And a whole lot more on the way!!!

Plus, if I have anything to say about it, more Totally Wasted Movie Reviews, random and raucous ramblings ala moi, new and old CD reviews, art, commentary, and life in general... and Thirty4Point5 t-shirts... yup... I said it... all designed by little ol' me!

...and, lest we forget: Updates on how my stalking is going in an effort to track down 'Twilight' beauty, Ashley Greene, as production continues here in Vancouver on the second installment of the vampire saga. :)

It's comin' together fast at Thirty4Point5... so make sure to add your name to the list of The Infected and get your updates before the rest of the world even knows they're behind... 'cause... they are...


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  1. u had better find her!!! Ashly ashworth makes a much more exciting celebrrity name!!! I also better be in ur blog!!! LOL
    And get me thirty4point5 ashly t!!!