Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SWEET! Academy Awards, Here I Come!

Yours truly has just been offered another film role in the upcoming Ira Cooper penned short: The Anti Porn. This time around I get to play a smoooooooth radio announcer. Awesome! Just like real life... except for the whole "radio announcer" thing... oh... and the "smooth" thing too... 'cause I'm rough like that... and scratchy! (Does this look infected?) Either way, as always, I'm really looking forward to exploring another character and getting back in front of the camera! I'll keep you posted.

Now, the only question is whether or not my cumber bun clashes with the red carpet...


Me and my hot girlfriend Ashley Greene at another one of my red carpet affairs. Aren't we the cutest couple ever???

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  1. Omfg!!!!! Ashley was in H&M in Pacific Center today!!!!! I was so mad!!! Of course they come when I'm away!!!! Grrrr