Sunday, April 12, 2009

PC stands for "Peter Cares"

So, in a totally uncharacteristic attempt to 'do the right thing,' I've had a quick run through my previous posts and edited out the most offensive of offensives... the F-bomb. It may seem like a simple and unnecessary censoring for a personal blog, especially given my generally lower-class sensibilities and affluence with such a useful expletive... but, it occurred to me, the abundance with which I use it became a little overbearing... even for me... and I actually want people to read this who are coming at it, and me, possibly for the first time, without moving on for my apparent lack of any higher communication skills. Never fear, though, the holocaust jokes will still make their way in... I'm not Mother Theresa... at least I don't think I am (hang on, I better check... ... ... nope, not Mother Theresa, and I definitely need a shower)... but I'm going to officially do my best for you, dear reader, to make this blog accessible to everyone who can appreciate good natured holocaust humour... which is hopefully nobody... which is why it makes for good humour...

With that said, Easter Shmeaster! Nobody hid any god damn chocolates for me... or... maybe they did and I'm just not looking hard enough.



YES! YES I DID!!! Apparently I sharted a little whilst drunk and laughing my ass off at 'Twilight' last night... Thank you Jesus! This is the best Easter ever!!!


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  1. ok lol ur gonna be one busy man if ur editing the reviews....especially after u drink urself into a silly stuper and write

    i love the them....