Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay... I'm 5 shots into my preparation for Totally Wasted Movie Reviews #2: The Spirit... and I'm already feelin' it.

While I'm prepping, I'm watching the only television show that means anything to me... Departures. It's a travel show... but it's so much more! Every time I watch it, it strips away a piece of my soul. It's so beautiful, so entertaining and so inspirational I don't really think I can put into words how it makes me feel.

This concept of staying in one place, working one job for fifteen years, settling down to one culture, or the lack thereof, is such a heinous waste of a human life... and Departures reminds me of that every week.

Here's the link to the shows website... I highly recommend you introduce yourself and get on board. You're seriously denying yourself of something amazing if you don't...


Every time I watch Departures, I just want to run far and run fast... but, unfortunately, dear readers, I simply can't afford to live the life of a global nomad... so, if you happen to be a bazillionaire looking for a travel companion... I'll leave tomorrow... and if you happen to be a smokin' hot female bazillionaire, I'll head outside RIGHT NOW and wait for the first cab to get me to the airport.

Damn, this show bums me out... it's just way.too.good.

Someone please get me out of here!!!

"How am I supposed to watch the show when I'm too busy living it?" - Justin Lukach - claiming a plot of Antarctica with Scott Wilson for Departures... (seriously, made me teary eyed...)


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