Monday, August 16, 2010

I Saw Marlon Brando In A Cage, Dressed Like Dr. Moreau, Sliding Whole Chickens Into His Tardhole With Greasy Fingers Bigger Than My Thigh...

I haven't made a video in a while... so... for some massively unexplainable reason, I set my camera down in some pretty shady places last night to bring this to you, dear reader: Four Gig - Insomnia vs Memory Card. I can never tell when I look at my life whether I live a dream few even dare to dream... or if I am, quite possibly, the most retarded person on the planet. I'm voting for the latter 'cause at least that way if I'm wrong... and I'm always wrong... at least it'll be a surprise... just like that time Santa got stuck in the chimney and passed out before he shit himself onto the glowing fiberglass log during The Six Million Dollar Man episode where Steve Austin and Big Foot go to Universal Studios together. I never thought those two would ever reconcile their differences!!! Now... back to bed... I have a rum tasting to attend later... 'cause I'm retarded... [cough, cough]


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