Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thirty4Point5 Presents: Totally Wasted Movie Reviews, The Party: Brokeback Mountain

Okay... Jason gave me the idea of having Totally Wasted Movie Reviews be about more than just myself and a bottle of tequila. So I expanded the concept to include a group of friends whilst we took in (post tequila and chicken enchiladas) Brokeback Mountain.

Now... I could write a bunch of fluff about how I felt about this movie... but let me set the record straight: by the time the movie started, I was way too wasted to follow the movie from one minute to the next.

The company I had was incredible. I'm not very social, so to have my living room filled with people I didn't want to kill was an acceptable start to the evening. The dinner I made them all meant the world to me (it was chicken enchiladas with fresh fried chips and home-made salsa)... but, as far as the movie was concerned, I may as well have been asleep... almost.

See, I've never seen Brokeback Mountain before... but I get the concept of lost love... especially "lost love" after a dozen shots of tequila!

So... I dunno... I suspect this movie was pretty good... it looked good when I could shut the hell up long enough to look at the screen. But, when dude goes to other dudes parents place... and sniffs his cowboy gear... 'cause he's dead... I cried like a little bitch... in front of a half a dozen people (which I'm not the least bit embarrassed about).

Anyway... I wish I could have afforded more tequila... 'cause, in my opinion, this night ended way too soon. But the depth of F'ed up emotions I feel for lost love probably couldn't have taken more than what I was capable of putting together for this bunch.

Was the movie worth it's accolades?

I dunno... I can barely type!

But probably... it looked pretty solid.

I'll watch it again when there's less pressure and I can cry by my lonesome...

Until then... I wish I wasn't already feeling tomorrows hangover right now...


p.s. Anne Hathaway should hook up with me... 'cause... like... she's hot and stuff.


  1. worst move review ever! hahaha

  2. ohhh but the enchiladas were amazing. I ate all of mine and credit them for me not having the slightest hangover at all!

    it was an incredible night. one we must do again!